[DIY – Fall Vase With Reusable Alcohol Bottles]

Do you have some old patron or pretty wine bottles laying around but don’t know what to do with them? Well how about turning them into a cheap flower vase! It’s something so simple and so cheap to do! If you already have the bottle you only need to spend a few dollars to create this to sit out for the fall.

Below is how to do it and where to buy everything!

[Items Needed]:

  • Flowers (DollarTree has them for $1)
  • Ribbon (DollarTree has some pretty fall ribbon for $1 but I got the one pictured at Michaels for $2)
  • Patron Bottle or Any Alcoholic Bottle you want
  •  Water Beads (Walmart has a good selection of colors for around $1)

[Step 1]: Preparing Water Beads

Some have different amounts of water but the kind I had required 4 cups of water. Get a big container and pour your packet of beads in it then add the water. Mine said to leave sitting for 8 hours.

Do this overnight so you can finish up your vase in the morning!

[Step 2]: Check Your Water Beads

After the amount of time has passed that your directions says, they should look something like this! They feel so cool. I recommend playing with them for a bit. Kids love them too.

[Step 3]: Begin Putting Water Beads Into Bottle

Once you’re done playing around with your beads you can start putting them into the bottle. I filled mine up about half way.

[Step 4]: Insert Flowers

Bunch your flowers together and cut down the stem to your liking. Then you can put it in your bottle!

[Step 5]: Add Ribbon

Add your ribbon to the bottle and tie it in a bow!


Yay! You’re done! See this was super easy and cheap to do! Leave me a comment if you’ve done this before or something like it! I would love to hear from people if they have done something like this or have more suggestions to add!



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