[How to get a swim suit for less than $5!]

You’re probably reading the title thinking I’m crazy but its true! Right now is the best time to buy any summer related clothes because stores are already getting fall clothes in.

I know, isn’t that crazy? It’s August and still HOT outside!

Anyways, I got this swim suit at Old Navy for less than $5! The bottoms were only .97 cents and the top was $2.99! That’s only $3.96 before taxes. Depending on what your tax rate is in your area it ends up being a little under $5.

Make sure to check out your nearest Old Navy soon to see if they have any swim suits left! They will all be in the clearance section. Just look for the area that has signs like below or ask an employee. They will be happy to direct you to where they are. (hopefully lol)

Leave a comment if you find any good deals like this!






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