[DIY – Deco Mesh Christmas Centerpiece]

I know Christmas is still forever away but I just love that time of the year okay?! I made my first deco mesh wreath recently and then I saw that you can buy smaller wreath frames. I then got the idea of making a cute little centerpiece to put in the middle of the dinner table or maybe the coffee table!

I went a little DollarTree hunt to see how many of the items I could get there because they have so many cute crafty items for only $1! I unfortunately couldn’t find the deco mesh there so I had to run to Hobby Lobby. But that’s okay! I ended up having a ton of deco mesh left over to make something else with.

Anyways, below I have a step by step guide on how to create this beautiful elegant centerpiece for really cheap!

[Step 1]: Gather All Your Materials

[Items Needed]:

The reason the ribbon is optional is because I started off using the ribbon but after I finished the centerpiece I decided it looked better without it. I will still show you how I did it with the ribbon but it is your choice if you’d like to use it or not.

*These are the prices I paid using coupons or items being on sale. They may be different depending on when you go. I recommend trying to get these items at DollarTree’s and dollar stores if you can.

[Step 2]: Put Your Tinsel Stems (Pipe Cleaners) on the Wreath Frame

Okay, so I know this looks a little weird. Since this is an 8 inch frame it’s a little harder to keep it looking organized. I put 6 tinsel stems (or if you call them pipe cleaners) on each section. So that makes 3 on the outer wire and 3 on the most inner wire. By sections I mean where each part has another wire in the middle separating the next part. This will make sense later I promise.

If I do this again, I think I would cut the tinsel stems in half.

[Step 3]: Start With Your Red Deco Mesh

Open up your red deco mesh and pinch the end together. You’re going to wrap it up into the “poof” that you make and hide it.

Fold it over and make a little “poof” and put it on an inner tinsel stem. This will be where you are starting.

Twist the tinsel stem around a couple times until the deco mesh is on there good.

Now here is the tricky part. So lets say your first spot was on a tinsel stem on the inner part. Pull your mesh to a outer tinsel stem and secure it like you did with your first one. After that, you’re going to pull it to another inner one but leaving an inner one between your first one.

So to lay this out easier:

  1. Start with inner tinsel stem. Secure
  2. Pull and bunch up to a poof to outer tinsel stem
  3. Skip one inner tinsel stem
  4. Pull and bunch up to a poof to inner tinsel stem.

You’re going every other one so that you can do the same with the white color. Think of it as the white is going to need it’s own tinsel stems.

Keep going until you reach the spot you started with. Its going to look a little crazy and have empty spots but that’s okay cause that is where the white will go!

[Step 4]: Bring Out the White Deco Mesh

You’re going to do the same thing with the white as you did with the red. All your empty tinsel stems needs to have white in it. After doing the red you will be a pro and will be able to do the white so fast. It’s going to look a little weird still with all the tinsel stems hanging out but we will fix that soon I promise.

(Optional) [Step 5]: Ribbon

This step is optional. I had originally done this but decided afterwards that I liked it better without the ribbon. If you do not want to use ribbon skip this step.

Cut the ribbon in equal sizes and then make the edges have the triangle effect like pictured.

Put it on one of your tinsel stems that’s already in the centerpiece and twist it around a couple times.

To dress it up a little bit you can also add an ornament to the tinsel stem and twist it around to secure it.

[Step 6]: Add Ornaments and Christmas Decorative Stems

Start adding your Christmas ornaments to some of the tinsel stems and put your Christmas decorative stems into the centerpiece. Just shove those bad boys into it and secure everything down with the tinsel stems.

[Step 7]: Hide the Tinsel Stems

Okay finally start hiding those ugly things. Them poking out everywhere was driving me crazy. I just pushed them down and secured them. Then cut off any excess.

[Step 8]: Almost Done!!

YAY! You’re almost done! Flip it back over and grab your vase and LED candle! Put the candle inside the vase and position it how you want. Now you can play around with the deco mesh and move it to your liking. That is the great thing about deco mesh, you can pretty much get it to do anything you want.

Also add your pine cones! You can either hot glue them in or just stick them in like I did.

Here is a picture of it with the ribbon. I just ended up not liking it so I took it off. I like the more elegant look and feel.

But yay you’re finished!

I’m so happy with the way it turned out! You don’t have to do a Christmas one though! You could even do a fall one or even Halloween! The possibilities are endless!

If you end up making one please leave a comment to let me know! Thanks for reading!



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    1. I had plenty left over after making this centerpiece. I’d say it takes roughly 15ft of deco mesh to make this size centerpiece so you could make more than 1 with 60ft of deco mesh! At least 3 centerpieces. It also depends how big you want your “poofs” to be and if you’re adding other items such as pine cones, ornaments, etc.

  1. Thanks a lot. I’ve looked at several, yours looks easy & very elegant. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Again thanks

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