[DIY – Dollar Tree Christmas Candy Cane Wreath]

My favorite store ever is back at it again! The Dollar Tree has these wonderful Candy Cane Wreath frames for only $1 to create your own Candy Cane Wreath!!! I was so excited when I saw this! I wish I would have bought more than 2 frames but oh well.

Below is a small little DIY on how to create your own if you are able to get your hands on one of these frames!

(Reminder – if your Dollar Tree is ever low on product, you can order on their website and have it shipped to the store for free! Then you just pick it up when it arrives)

christmas candy cane diy wreath

[Materials Needed]:

  • Candy Cane Wreath Frame ($1 Dollar Tree)
  • 5.5 in by 30 ft Red Deco Mesh ($3.59 Hobby Lobby) – You will need 2 of these
  • 5.5 in by 30 ft White Deco Mesh ($3.59 Hobby Lobby) – You will need 2 of these
  • Pipe Cleaners ($1 Dollar Tree)

Above are the prices that I paid using coupons and items being on sale


It is not easy to explain through pictures and text on what technique to use. I have linked a video by MoneySaving CouponGal on YouTube. Her video is what taught me how to do this so I hope it helps you too!

Click here to watch the Candy Cane Wreath video.

christmas candy cane diy

pinterest candy cane diy wreath

Make sure to use the hash tag #hayhaybeans on Instagram to show me yours if you make one!



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