[DIY – Christmas Santa Hat Wreath For Less Than $7!]

I’m back with another Christmas DIY! We’re getting closer and closer to December! That means Halloween decor and items have gone on clearance!! YAY! My mother and I picked this witches hat up from Hobby Lobby for $0.20!!! That’s right! You read that correctly, 20 CENTS!!! I was so excited!!!! I had some tulle laying around at home that I wasn’t using that would be perfect to create a Santa hat with! I also saw a lot of people got a witches hat like this at the Dollar Tree but I missed out on it because my Dollar Tree was sold out of them before I had a chance to get one.  But oh well I finally got my hands on one!

Anyway, below I have a list of materials you’ll need if you want to recreate this Santa hat. Don’t forget to leave me a comment! Enjoy! 🙂

christmas santa hat diy

[Materials Needed]:

  • Witches Hat (Hobby Lobby for $0.20)
  • 6 in by 5 yd White Tulle (Dollar Tree for $1.00 each) <- I used 3 of them so 15 yd’s total
  • 6 in by 5 yd Red Tulle (Dollar Tree for $1.00 each) <- I used less than 2 rolls
  • Elf Feet (Michaels for $0.89 each)
  • Hot glue
  • Zip ties or Pipe Cleaners to attach elf feet

That means this project only cost me $6.98 before tax!!!

The prices above are what I paid by using coupons or items being on sale/clearance so they may differ at your stores

[Step 1]: Take the tinsel off the witches hat.

christmas santa hat diy

This part is super easy, just remove the tinsel off of the hat until it is all off of it. Don’t throw this stuff away though! You could use it for another craft down the road!!

It will eventually look like the image above once everything is off of it.

[Step 2]: Start wrapping the red tulle around.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

You’ll begin wrapping the red tulle around the frame. Tulle is very see through so you’ll have to keep layering on top of the same spot a few times until you can’t see the frame through it.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

As you can see above you can still see the frame through it. I just kept wrapping until it wasn’t showing. You’ll also want to wrap this pretty tight.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Keep wrapping until it looks something like the image above! You’ll need to leave the tip open a little bit because that’s where you’ll put some white to make your little “poof” ball at the top. When I was done with the red I just cut it and hot glued it to the back of the hat. No one will see it and hot glue keeps it secured!

[Step 3]: Start cutting your white tulle.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

So to attach the white tulle and give it the look of being full you’ll need to cut them in equal size pieces. One roll of tulle from the Dollar Tree is 6 inch by 5 yards so I did my pieces roughly 6 inch by 8 inch. They don’t need to be perfectly equal but they should be close.

I recommend cutting a bunch of pieces before you start attaching because you’ll have to keep stopping and cutting more.

[Step 4]: Attach white tulle to frame.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Above is really hard to see but that is one piece of the tulle, then you will fold it hot dog style and it will look like the image below.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

After folding it hot dog style you will fold it hot dog style once more like below.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Now you can tie it onto the frame.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Knot that baby up.

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Continue attaching the white tulle until you fill the whole bottom of the frame. Don’t forget the tip of the hat too!

[Step 5]: Elf leg time!

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Once you have all your tulle attached it should look something like this above!!

santa christmas diy hat tulle

Here is what the back of it will look like in case you were wondering.

santa christmas diy hat tulle elf

Now get some zip ties or pipe cleaners to attach the elf legs to the witches hat frame!

santa christmas diy hat tulle elf

[Step 6]: Finished!!!

You’re almost done! Now you can attach a string on it to hang it if you’d like or add anything else to it! Last minute I decided to sew on a green bell to the tip of the hat that we had laying around!

This project was so much fun to make and really cheap as well. I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It goes perfect with our Santa themed bathroom!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you’ve done this craft before or plan on it!

santa christmas diy hat tulle pinterest

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “[DIY – Christmas Santa Hat Wreath For Less Than $7!]

  1. Wow , you know the other day I was looking at dollar trees witches hats and I was picking some up to make a wreath as well but it came to mind I could use this as a Santa hat too. I needed think about it too much but I just came across your DIY and I feel blessed that you did this and that now I’ll be able to go to the DT today and pick up a hand full of the hats with plenty of time to make the Santa hat with elf legs ! I’m really so happy I found you and I’m excited to see what other things you’ve come up with. Thanks to you I know I can make this, keep up the great DIY’S ! Today’s Date Tuesday , September 11, 2018

    1. YAY!! This makes me so happy!! I would love to see how yours turns out! I still have more witches hats that I want to make into more Santa hats or maybe even an elf hat?!

    1. Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree are where I have found mine. They go quick when they go on the floor though! I know the Dollar Tree has an option to order online but it’s usually in bulk or a huge case of them. Michaels or Walmart might have them though!

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